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Emirati Entrepreneurs Discuss the Road to Success - Date 11/05/2016

Entrepreneurship Challenges and Solutions in Focus at a Seminar Hosted by the Emirati Entrepreneurs Association

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 11 May 2016: The Emirati Entrepreneurs Association (EEA), a public-interest organization created to promote, support, and encourage entrepreneurs across the UAE, organized a discussion seminar in Dubai on 11 May 2016 for around 100 entrepreneurs and businessmen.

The seminar hosted H.E. Hamad Al Rahoomi, member of the Federal National Council, to hear out the challenges that face UAE entrepreneurs within the sector and across the country, while also discussing solutions that can lead to their success.

H.E. Al Rahoomi commented saying: It is important that we hear out our people and understand their concerns to be able to find solutions and create a business environment that is up to international standards and unprecedented in the region. We are here to help our leaders achieve their goals and vision of creating a sustainable economy and this is the aim of seminars and discussions like these.

The seminar will focus on the effect of small and medium businesses (SME’s) on the UAE’s growth and development, the challenges and factors that hinder this growth and face these SME’s and the means to overcome these challenges and create the business environment sought. Financing issues, ineffective business links, lack of management skills amongst other challenges and concerns will be discussed.


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