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Consultation and feasibility studies
  • Provide feasibility studies for enterprises.
  • Provide financial and administrative advice.
  • Work on finding funding solutions.
Data, information and statistics
  • Secure an updated database.
  • Study economic conditions.
  • Follow up labor market rates.
Legal advice
  • Provide legal advice to entrepreneurs by a specialized team.
  • Provide legal advice to eliminate the risks involving enterprises establishment.
Marketing and promotion of member enterprises
  • Market products of members in government institutions.
  • Communicate through social media and e-services.
  • Encourage trade exchange and link members to increase sales.
Organizing seminars and conferences to educate members
  • Organize periodical seminars and conferences to activate communication between members in all domains.
Exchange of expertise and experience gained in the field of small enterprises development 
  • Encourage periodic meetings between Members and other Parties to increase and share knowledge and expertise as an integral part of the continuous development of entrepreneurs, their enterprises and businesses.


“The International Entrepreneurs Day”

The Emirati entrepreneurs association organizes “The International Entrepreneurs Day Conference “On Sunday 16th of November 2014 at 7:00 PM At Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce The Conference will sponsored by Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Sheik Khalifa fund