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Entrepreneurs Challenges

The idea of establishing an association for entrepreneurs in our rising country was not a professional luxury or a temporary institutional formation, but rather an urgently essential need emerged from the great  launch of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of young male and female entrepreneurs with enterprises that require support to achieve the desired success and overcome the obstacles within the major economic booming witnessed by United Arab Emirates in accordance with a 100-years strategy adopted by our wise leadership now and for the future.

The rapid expansion and successes achieved by the SMEs in serving and supporting the national economy has created an urgent need to form an advisory and morally supporting entity that provides SMEs with legal and professional advice, builds bridges for intercommunication through carrying out several activities, holding meetings and hosting conferences with a view to stimulate their growth, follow tracks towards achieving the desired objectives and addressing the difficulties.

Since our nascent launch under the patronage of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, we started our first step in the thousand-mile journey with hopes to provide SMEs with all required support for contribute to pushing and advancing our national economy. These hopes are still alive, fervent and achievable as long as the spirit of challenge is stronger than all obstacles we face.

May our objectives be cornerstones for development and progress of the United Arab Emirates in order to be at the top in all fields. Allah is Arbiter of Success.

Sanad AL Meqbali



“The International Entrepreneurs Day”

The Emirati entrepreneurs association organizes “The International Entrepreneurs Day Conference “On Sunday 16th of November 2014 at 7:00 PM At Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce The Conference will sponsored by Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Sheik Khalifa fund